Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting Crafty for Uma

I just got an awesome email from my friend Aaron's girlfriend Kelli. (It's amazing how people all over the country--no, all over the world--are coming together and spreading love and hope and inspiration for Uma)

Kelli has set up an online craft store for Uma, ALL of the proceeds will go to help Uma and John pay their medical bills. It's an awesome idea, and an awesome site. After all, there are a whole lot of creative people out there who have been wondering what they can do to help Uma--here's a new answer. There are two ways you can participate: (1) Use your natural (or unnatural) talents--make something crafty, put a little extra love into it, and donate your item to Kelli's online store! Or (2), check out the store ( and do some shopping! It's all about love.

Here's more detailed info FROM KELLI:

I think about Uma a lot. I pray for her recovery everyday. She's very blessed to have so many people surrounding her with love and encouragement. You have stated that she and John need assistance with the medical bills and I wanted to help. Here is the plan:

I have set up an account with at Etsy is a website that allows people to sell their handmade items online. It is sort of like an Ebay for handcrafted items except you don't bid on the items, as they have a set price.

Some members of my knitting group and I have donated a few lovely items to sell and I am expecting to get more items over the next couple of weeks. I am donating the proceeds to Uma and John.

I only have five items listed now. I want to encourage other people to donate items for The Uma Fund shop. The items don't have to be knitted! They just have to be original, handcrafted items! Some of the categories include:

Paper goods, Jewelry, Recipes, Baked goods, Patterns, Books and Zines, Pottery and Ceramics, Toys, Plants, Furniture, Clothing, Art, Photography, etc.

To donate your handcrafted items to The Uma Fund shop at, you absolutely must send the following items to

1. The donator's e-mail address

2. 2-6 good, clear pictures of the item (close ups, different angles, the whole item) ~Pictures must be 1000 pixels wide

3. A list of materials used (this does not have to be exhaustive, just tell me what it's made from)

4. How much you thinks the item is worth (I will use this as a reference).

5. A description of the item (May be edited by me. Trust me, I'm an English major.)

6. What you want to name the item

7. Your understanding that it will be your responsibility to ship the item(s) in a timely manner to the address I (Kelli) provide you via e-mail. Also, you will be donating the shipping costs as well. (If the item does not get shipped in a timely manner, that reflects poorly on The Uma Fund shop, and we want people to like buying from The Uma Shop so that they buy more and cover more of her expenses. Do it for Uma!)

So let's get all creative and crafty for Uma! Check out!

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